Designed for daily use by athletes and fitness enthusiast in mind. This lightweight and compact percussion massager was created with the highest quality materials for the sole purpose of delivering the best deep tissue massage. 

The ergonomic body was created to be lightweight, but also extremely durable. Throw it around or drop it in your gym bag without hesitation, knowing all the pieces will perform right every time. The Sculpt Massage Gun Precision also operates at a whisper quiet noise level, allowing you to use it in any setting without disturbing others.

The silicon grip makes our Sculpt Massage Gun easy to handle with single handed use and comfortable to hold. You can easily control the frequency and intensity due to the ergonomic structure of the tool This tool includes a LARGE battery capacity, while keeping things compact and light to ensure you have an adequate amount of time for use.

Whisper quiet, powerful torque, rapid frequency, and large battery capacity! The Sculpt Massage Gun Essential is built with a strong and silent motor for an intense and quiet massages. At a decibel rating of 40, this tool is one of the most silent on the market compared to other options. This tool is equipped with a 2600mAh, 24v lithium-ion recharge battery which will allow you to get the most out of your 2 hour massage.

Improve and speed up your muscle recovery with the Sculpt Massage Gun Essential’s 60lbs of pressure and 55 percussions per second! Vibration and percussion massage therapy aids in muscle recovery and that means better athletic performance! Reducing knots with this tool will help relieve muscle pain and improve your blood flow. This in turn ends fatigue by alleviating your body of lactic acid and various toxins. From replenishing oxygen, to improving the delivery of nutrients for a quicker recovery, this tool was made for you!