The journey to sustainability is one we hold close to our hearts.

When we started this journey, we knew we wanted to have a positive impact on the world we live in. This meant changing the status quo of an industry anchored in overconsumption  We aspire to reduce our overall carbon footprint and environmental impact the fitness and wellness industry is riddled with.

Understanding the importance of conscious consumerism, we’ve taken steps towards sustainability, by sourcing environmentally friendly packaging materials, reducing our overall use of plastic and implementing sustainable practices within our business and supply chain. While we are not perfect and there is always room for improvement, we value mother nature and are committed to a better future. 

We look forward to sculpting the fitness industry into something more sustainable with you.

An Ambitious Vision

Established in 2014, Sculpt Lifestyle was created by likeminded individuals that shared a vision in disrupting the fitness industry. Fitness and nature lovers at heart, they spent time understanding the sector and analyzed
the challenges of overconsumption. This brought realization to the need of driving a stronger eco-friendly and positive impact in the fitness industry.

Thoughtful Design & Quality

We took a perfect balance of functionality and eco-friendly materials to make an impact on your body and the environment. Our mission is to create workout essentials that you will feel your absolute best using.

Sustainable Practices

All components of our products have been carefully selected with Mother Earth as a priority. We think she’d approve of these products.

Minimizing Waste

We work closely with our supply chain to minimize as much waste as possible. Off-cuts or leftover is minimized through smart production techniques. We try to source as much natural and recycled components as possible for our products.

Sculpt Lifestyle x One Tree Planted

We're proud to have the opportunity to utilize our platform to support projects we are passionate about. We're excited to partner with One Tree Planted to give you the opportunity to shop for a change.

For every order, we plant one tree with our partner One Tree Planted.